April 28, 2010

Forget About it

Ok, so we did A Salt & Battery because it is simply awesome.

But let's talk about today cuz it's fresh in my brain. Caribbean Kitchen, between Kmart and 1 Penn Plaza in Midtown. If you're in between 14th and 50th streets (8th and 5th avenue) it's a decent 2 stop destination. If close enough walking there is worth it. Oh, except when the news misinforms you constantly about everything that's worth something to you like the weather, but I digress...
It's in between arguably an alley and a what some call a whole street! I'd call it more of a pavement corridor from one block to the next. A "short cut" if you will.

We got a large order of the jerk pork with rice and peas plus an added secret ingredient. Ask for some of their curry chicken sauce over the rice I'm confident it's tasty with any dish. We both had our choice of soda; Olivia :pineapple and Maryam: ginger beer. Total : $12, split 2 ways= $6 per person. YUUUUUUUUUUUUUM

Oh wait there is a down fall, i couldn't tell if i was eating a tongue or some fat, but i tried it anyways. I never could tell, I'd appreciate only meat pieces next time thank you.
Carribean Kitchen, One Penn Plaza (but actual location is between 33rd & 34th St. in between 7+8th Avenues), 212-290-2864.

K bye,

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