August 03, 2010


The best Summer lunch is going to be one of two things... a hefty salad or a loaded sandwich.

We'll get the salad later on... but this post is strictly about that sandwich where it will never steer you wrong.

We lunchladys LOVE  a tasty, cheap sandwich. And the best way to obtain such sandwich is to make it yourself!

There's a new Trader Joe's in town. I'm not going to be the one to let the cat out... we don't want it to get crowded. Get your lunch buddies together and $30 is all you need for a weeks worth of delicious, filling sandwiches.

Any good sandwich needs:

  • cheese (we chose asiago, but we're not opposed to provolone or cheddar)
  • meat (in our case it's smoked honey turkey) (Veggie is fine too, just don't leave out the cheese!)
  • bread (something grainy, adds a nice crunch, especially when it's toasted)
  • avocado (spread it on one side of the bread)
  • hummus (something with red pepper, spread on the other side of the bread)
  • fresh cilantro
  • and tomato (preferably on the vine since they taste better)

Nothing better to side this sandwich but some potato chips. kettle cooked with sea salt. (not the healthiest, but definitely the tastiest).

Happy lunch sharing,

Olivia & Maryam

July 23, 2010

We still eat lunch


So basically nothing spectacular has been had lately. Nothing. I'm lying. We're slacking.

Rin Thai is good. Filling. And cheap? $8 for most of the lunch specials.

The lunch special comes with an appetizer of your choice:

Crunchy dumplings with chicken and shrimp with an awesome sauce.

And the entree:

Chicken pad thai. The chicken is hit or miss. Rather all their meats are. But it's decent.

And the leftovers from someone else's food:

Mixed veggies with brown rice. (came from the marinated chicken entree). YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM

Until we eat again,


July 06, 2010

Hot Hot Not

When it's hot like this (100 degrees in NYC), you definitely want to stay away from the super hot foods.

I ordered in with Mission Impossible... from Eva's ... and now I'm so full that I just want to sleep.

We both got the Falafel Special, which just includes the falafel sandwich, a 16 oz beverage and your choice of fries, brown rice, or soup. The fries are bleh and the homemade ice tea is bleh. The sandwich is good... but I hate when places use the cheap pita bread that falls apart too easily.

I love the hot sauce and tahini. But my sandwich is hardly a sandwich with that pathetic pita.

A side of some decent hummus.

Total = $20 split two ways including the tip.

Too full to continue,


July 01, 2010


I tweeted about the lunchladys inability to go to lunch together due to errands.

So, Maryam went by Energy Kitchen to pick us up some healthy, yummy lunch.

BBQ Chicken Quesidilla- $7.99

Bison Cheese Steak wrap - $7.99
Maryam wasn't too fond of the taste of Bison.. so the hot sauce helped. Not super cheap, but still good. And good for you. (Ok so I don't know how any of this is "good" for you.. but it's from Energy Kitchen, so it must be, right??!)

Quite satisfied,


June 26, 2010

We hate getting paid twice per month

With that being said... here's a blog about our free lunch at work :)

They feed us, sometimes. And sometimes it's delicious. The theme was BBQ party.. mixed sort of with a beach party theme...

Hence, the beach ball & hoola hooping

The spread consisted of; pernil, fried chicken, potato salad, some pasta salad, grilled veggies, and some fruits.

And for dessert... ICE CREAM