April 29, 2010

Speaking of Japanese sandwiches

Since I'm a hungry, hungry hippo now (thanks Maryam), I figure I'd mention a little goodie we tried out fairly recently.

If you're in the area of Chelsea for lunch, and feeling adventurous.. try out Tebaya.

Maryam had: Teriyaki burger + 5 wings and a tea= $8.95
Olivia had: Chicken katsu + 5 wings and a tea= $8.95

The wings that come with the sandwich, amazing. YUUUUUUUUM.
The sandwich itself... eh I'll give it a YUUM.

I wouldn't make this a trip.. but if you're on the block, or near by... you might as well try it out. I mean, how many places give you wings with an order?! Crispy, crunchy, sorta saucy, wings.


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