May 18, 2010

Bao, Bao Booooooring

I refuse! To talk about how wonderful this place is; if not for the simple fact that I like to be counter to everything. Hahah yeh right, that's what u thought! I'm a lemonade out of lemons kind of marmalady. But this place, although pumpin some SERIOUS flavor is a rip offffffffffffffffffff.

Baohaus reminds me of some things white people like. Like Jacking up the mutha fuckin price! And although I like to be able to claim white when its convienant for me, I aint white on this one.

This one is like this: don't believe the hype.

Although super yummy, I am not! Travelling outside of my work zone to get some yummie taiwanesse street food that has taken advantage of the price of the lease on the street ur on. I don't care how much u pay in rent or what type of peanuts u got!

I make peanuts, so fill my belly with somethin else. I would have had to spend $15 to get something close to be filling, and that's not a lunchladys attitude. They have done a good job with PR hyping them bigger than they should, and kudos to utilizing social marketing to get customers. But, I'm over that.

It reminds me of what happened to Ox Tail. Ox Tail used to be the meat that was thrown out from butcher shops, and then the impoverished found a way to spice it up and make it yummy. Now it's the most expensive dish on the menu! PORK BELLY has become the new foodie food, and it was once declared utter waste of meat. Now, beafed up and blogged outta control to a point its a delicacy. Puhlease....what are broke people supposed to eat now if even the discarded meat is outta our league?

Lemme speak it in ur language. (To the tune of baby got back)

'U aint got none on the cheaper buns hun. I aint comin back."
I might come back for one of these sodas though....
I dare you to say somethin'

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