June 14, 2010

Sandy Lunch

The Lunch Ladys went mobile last week. We took a day trip to Sandy Hook on an earned flex day from work.

I'm not going to review the food they have there (hot dogs, burgers, fries) although I'm sure it is delicious (?). Instead we brought our own goodies to stuff ourselves.

Definitely have to shout-out Trader Joe's for some of these items. And our own creativity for the rest.

No beach trip is complete without a variety of sandwiches, fruits, chocolates, and wine!

Try pairing some brioche with sliced, fresh mozzarella, tomato, and fresh basil. Or try using the same bread with some turkey, vegenaise, Monterrey jack, and avocado.

Matter of fact, just bring those ingredients with you and you can't go wrong with whatever sandwich concoction you come up with.

Throw in your fav bag of chips with salsa (in our case corn with chili .. soo good), red wine (mixed with a dash of san pellegrino), and some chocolate and fruit for dessert.

happy beaching,


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