June 15, 2010

Thai me up!

I got over Thai Food about 6 months ago. I don't know about you, but I'm just like "eh" about it. I find vietnamese, malaysian, and taiwanese much more interesting. But, occasionally I get that urge for Pad Thai, or a curry puff. Like today.

Fortunately for "Thai Chaiyo" they make it hard to pass up their lunch special. Located on 233 Ninth Avenue (Between 24th & 25th Street) in Chelsea; it's nothing special in comparison to any other Thai place in a 20 block radius, but $7.95 for a salad, an appetizer, a main dish, AND a soda is astonishing.

Olivia ordered the Crispy Egg noodles and I ordered the Pad Thai. They say you can tell a good restaurant by how they execute the staples. The Pad Thai was DECENT (in a good way), and the Crispy Egg Noodle was good, except I don't think we expected them to be as soupy as it was. Crispy Noodles are not a great summer choice.
Not just a great deal, this place has excellent service, and the food came out within 15 minutes, giving me enough time to go to The Gap and try out some sans culottes.
All in all I have to say BIG OLE' YUUUUUUUUUUUM to you ChaiYo!

Worth the dime, worth the time.


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  1. those freakin curry puffs were delicious! so were the spring rolls!