May 13, 2010

Curry Up

Maryam was right... Indian food it was. I passed by this place the other day, grabbed the menu, and *bookmarked* it in my mind.

The Sirtaj is a quaint little place on 26th. Not too close to any major anything.

A real dingy, I do mean quaint, looking place..

some mulligatawny soup - mediocre

more mediocre chicken curry with rice

cheese naan & garlic naan

Okay, I didn't eat this all by myself.. I had my other co-worker stand in for my other lunchlady. We'll call her Mission Impossible. She had the soup and cheese naan for approximately $7.

I had the chicken curry that lacked flavor, the garlic naan with the same outcome, and a can of Fanta = $11.18.

Not. Worth. It.

Maryam- we'll need to go back to the Indian buffet on 7th to make up for this!

I won't even give this a YUM rating :(

Dissatisfied curry lover,



  1. DAAAAAAAMN. FAILURE! Well they can't all be good. How nice are we to warn people!

  2. And, let's try another Indian over by Cicatelli- CURRY IN A HURRY!

  3. Oooh, or the one in soho off bway lafayette, def able to do it in an hour. AND! we can stop by Uniqlo or somethin.

  4. ok so I definitely got hype when I saw THREE comments. Then it was you. :( We will make a list. Check it twice. And visit them alllllllll. I wonder if you're still boozing it up right now.