May 15, 2010

Nothing like a Lunch Picnic

I was fortunate to be born with the ability to spell. Thanks, Mom (the english professor). So second place in a spelling bee fundraiser isn't half bad.

My prize: chhheeeessseee! (screw you lactose intolerance)

Not just any cheese, though. It's from MURRAYS. The one on Bleeker. Definitely can get to within the hour if you're by the ABCDEFV. Or there's two locations near Grand Central Terminal.

The box was filled with three different meats, two kinds of salami and prosciutto. An apple spread, raw cherry honey (YUUUUUUUUM), and 5 different cheeses.


So with the nice weather, hopefully re-approaching... it's about time for a picnic in our nearby park!

P.S - its not cheap, but worth the splurge, just once.

You'll find me under the oak tree,


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