May 25, 2010

Dear car owner, we tried to stop them, but it was the police...sooo...ummm

WHERE THE HELL HAVE WE BEEN? Oh, ya know, just watching people get their cars towed.

It's been a slacker week yall, pay day is friday- today we popped a squat on a bench and called it a day with a sandwich and some sushi. Nothing special, just your local whatever feed me kinda thing. But this post is for whoevers car this is. My bad dude, this sucks.

Lunchladys tip our hats to you, we morn the loss of all 5 of those Benjamin Franklins you're gonna lose on this one.

Good bye little red car, we hope you weren't stolen so that we can be all F the police style.

this footlongs for you,


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