June 08, 2010

Most Confusing Deli Ever

One thing I hate is going to a "neighborhood" deli and not know what/how to order.
Not only is it a matter of what to order, but how? I don't want to mess up the flow of the other patrons. My goal is to not stand out as much as possible.


First off, who closes lunch at 2:30pm?? The lunchladys work from 10am to 6pm... in order for our day to go more smoothly, We try take a late lunch as often as possible.

Benvenuto Café makes that difficult. We've passed here a bunch of times and never thought to go in since it doesn't appear cheap.

We made the unfortunate mistake o f venturing here yesterday. We were duped into believing that our panini came with a $2 soup. Only the HALF sandwich does. Then we found out that our lobster bisque cost and extra $3 with the panini (half or full?? I think). This is all fine and dandy if the man that took our order would have provided the same information.

We ended up splitting this $14 soup and sandwich disaster.

This girl is not going back,


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