May 03, 2010

I AM THE CHAMPION, OF WHOLEFOODS (sung to the tune of 'we are the champions)

After I realized someone has eaten my leftovers....Plan B!

Ever get pissed at whole foods for being just too expensive, and always feel like you get duped at the salad bar?

I have conquered Whole Foods ladies and gentlemen. I spent $4.15 on my meal today. "How?!" You ask. It's all about selection. I have the perfect selection for you on a humid day like today that will leave you fulfilled, healthy, satisfied, and with change in your pockets.

Step 1: Grab a small box, it will inevitably make it cheaper and I promise; your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

Step 2: Stuff as much kale salad inside your box. It literally weighs NOTHING.

Step 3: Pick a noodle side that matches your asian salad. I went with Soba noodles with Seitan. Place a handful amount on top of your greens.

Chew, chew, repeat. YUUUUUUUUUUM

*** Hint to the hungry- while choosing your food, place a few vegan chicken nuggets in your box and munch on them for free. Or free to me!

Another cheapo option is for the sandwich lover: Grab a $2.50 side of chicken salad or tuna salad or vegan option of both. These can be found next to the "premade sandwichs, salads, and pizza". Grab a whole wheat croissant for $.79 and VOILA! Cheapeast easiest ever.....

Love you long time,

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