May 11, 2010

Too Hungry To Take Pictures

We realized after walking out of the store that we hadn't photographed our sandwiches... whoops!

But if you are in or around Chelsea and are looking for a hefty, filling, cheap sandwich... a cuban usually does the trick.

At Casa Havana the Cubans are delicious... just as delightful, though, would be the pernil sandwich.

We spent a total of $14.95 between the two of us / including one coffee and a side of french fries.

Pretty sweet deal. Fits right into our cheap lunch lady lunches.

Sadly been a little out of the lunch loop lately,



  1. 2good2be4gotten- is what people wrote in my yearbook in highschool. You got the same Liv? I hated higschool.

  2. that's not true, I just hate looking back at pictures of what I was wearing in highschool to be honest.

  3. Now you know nobody ever wrote that in mine. Mostly, "you were so mean, but still cute."