May 11, 2010

How to impress a boy? Just do what he likes.

Sorry fellow lunchlady Olivia, I had to ditch you today for a cute lunch date. My gallant partner was missed on the homage to the West Village in our unrelenting search of a humble meal. But, I made it back to the office within mere seconds of an hour; returning just in time to report back from the new found land...

Want to impress the boy you have your eye on by taking him to a delicious place he has already been to 13 times within the last 4 weeks?! Ugh, failure.

Psych (naw)! Well if he has been there so many times, it must mean he likes it. You definitely don't want to bother with indecision when you're on a lunch time crunch, and you DEFINITELY don't want to risk a boys lunch happiness. So stop while you're ahead, go somewhere nearby and have a delicious taim (time).


Voila, their menu. Everything, and I mean everything, is worth the dime. I had the Sabich Sandwich which is fried eggplant, egg, covered with hummus, israeli salad, tahini and amba sauce. I honestly could go without the egg in there, not big on eggs really. Ate that Sabich (haha) with a Ginger Mint Lemonade  the beau had THE CLASSIC FALAFEL! Total for 2= $ 15.25

And don't mind if I do, but I am going out on a NY limb and claiming this as the BEST FALAFEL IN NYC.

To unexpected dates and yummy plates!


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