May 12, 2010

Separate but Equally Filling

So due to work restrictions, the lunchladys were unable to meet for lunch. We decided on sharing our separate meal options for the day instead. Maryam had breakfast up in the Bronx whilst (my favorite word) I opted for a trip to 14th & 8th for a sandwich.
Breakfast - Maryam style
Let's start the day off with a hefty breakfast that will last you through the morning and well into the late afternoon.

Fried Eggs
Fried cheese
= $6


Ability to get this in almost every neighborhood in the city for the same price - bonus!

And the location of this sweet spot: Comida (not quite sure of the name) on Grand Concourse and 182nd. BX, NY

Now, on to LUNCH with Olivia:
After my own unmentionable breakfast... I decided upon a simple sandwich for lunch. (I had McDonald's - don't judge me).
However, when it comes to simple... $6.80 really can get you pretty far.

a lamb donar from Istanbul Grill on 14th.

Add hummus for an extra $.50. Since I'm a sucker for hummus, I learned how to make my own... try it out with the gadget at the bottom of the page ;)


Not quite ready for another meal yet,



  1. Note to self: add photo of the donar from my camera @ home!

  2. I can not eat anything else today- I ruined that plate.

  3. We have a Mediterranean zone going on, what should we eat?

  4. Oh duh, this is how you comment with my own ID.

  5. You're the Medi girl .. let's do a few days of Medi food in Chelsea or W. Village.

  6. Dude, that picture of your sandwich looks nasty. It must have been good, or attacked by a pack of rapid dogs.

    A mediterranean expedition could be fun, and very weather appropriate. (if the weather starts taking its psych meds)

  7. the sandwich was attacked by a hungry Olivia